Microscopy Kit: Spore Prints

Spore prints are collections of spores taken on a sterile medium under sterile conditions. The spores are collected by placing a mature mushroom cap on the medium and allowing the cap to release spores. The spores then adhere to the surface of the medium after drying and form a "print" as pictured to the right, bottom.

Prints may be utilized to create sterile spore syringes. If spore syringes are your ultimate goal, then please check out our sterility packaged 10cc syringes and needles on the Laboratory Supplies page.

Some prints (most exotic Psilocybes) are collected from outdoor specimens and therefore may not be suitable for use in hydrated spore solutions.

Our prints are collected on standard white paper and are stored in small ziplock, labeled baggies (pictured at right, top). Our prints contain generous portions of spore material. Some exotic Psilocybe species may produce lighter prints and therefor orders may contain multiple prints.

Every microscopy kit spore print order will include a clean microscope slide, glass cover slip, and cardboard slide case to protect the glass in shipping.

To properly view your spores under a microscope place a small amount of dried spores into a small amount of water and then place a small drop of the resulting solution on a glass slide and cover with a glass cover slip. Excess water can be absorbed with the corner of a paper towel to prevent the cover slip from floating and drifting. Pre-made spore solutions in hypodermic syringes can be conveniently dispensed directly onto the slide. Spores can be accurately measured with a stage micrometer (a glass slide with a tiny engraved ruler).

Orders containing only prints will be shipped in small 4 x 8 inch white bubble mailers. We discourage normal envelop mailing due to the damage a print and the packaged slide case can receive if sent unpadded. Please notify if you would like normal envelop mailing.

Psilocybe weilii spore print

Check the spores page for species and strain availability.

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