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FungusFun: An Internet community designed for all types of mushroom enthusiasts. This site provides interactive features like message boards, latest news, links listing, story submission, mushroom directory, and much more.

MushWorld: MushWorld is an internet site aimed at working for mushroom lovers on the planet. Here, you may find all the information you need, as well as information source and contacts. Very comprehensive information site, highly recommended.

Pages devoted to the science of mycology and the hobby of mushrooming. It is home to a very extensive link collection and houses hundreds of photos to aid in identification of mushrooms.

Perlite Humidification FAQ:
Another wonderful resource hosted by the Vaults of Erowid. This page contains information on the use of perlite to humidify your edible fruiting chamber. Perlite can be a cheap and very effective alternative to using mechanical humidifiers.

Guide to Chemicals for Fungal Microscopy: What follows is a guide to microscopical use but it is not intended to be definitive. There are all sorts of reagents that have been used over the years.

Lens to Eyepiece Adapter: An adapter allowing the connection of your digital zoom camera or camcorder to a microscope eyepiece for aid in taking stable, clear, microscopy images.

Microscopic Features of Gilled Fungi: A hands-on learning workshop for beginners and intermediates. - Using a Microscope: The spores of a mushroom are enormously important in the process of identification. Microscopic details--like the size of the spores, their shape, whether they are smooth or ornamented (and so on)--are frequently definitive characteristics that help mycologists decide what species a mushroom is.

Photographing Through a Microscope: The use of digital cameras for photo microscopy provides an exciting opportunity for capturing and displaying a world normally hidden from the naked eye. Two important advantages that digital technology affords you are instant feedback, and the ability to take many pictures inexpensively.

Getting Started with Mushroom Cultivation: If you have been intrigued by the prospect of growing your own edible mushrooms, and after a bit of research you became daunted by the complexity and potential expense of "sterile techniques," "clean rooms," "laminar flow hoods" and "agar media," then this link is for you!

Gourmet Fungus Forum: Forum site dedicated to the discussion and study of edible and medicinal fungi. If you have questions or information you'd like to share about cultivating edibles and medicinals, this is the place to do it!

International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, Vol. 2, pp. 73-80 (2000): Conversion of Wood Waste into Value-Added Products by Edible and Medicinal Pleurotus.

Medicinal Mushrooms and Cancer: Medicinal mushrooms: their therapeutic properties and current medical usage with special emphasis on cancer treatments.

Reishi Mushroom Information: Although the last update to this page occured in 1996, the information presented about reishi mushrooms is valuable and helpful for those looking to use reishi as a medical suppliment.

Tabletop Mushroom Cultivation: This manual was written to provide interested individuals, particularly school children, a means to study mycological production easily and economically. It provides the general information needed to grow mushrooms without the substantial expense of buying larger publications and material.

Everything Mushrooms: Complete mushrooms supply, gifts, and resource center. Many rare and unique dried gourmet mushrooms, mushroom food products and oils, mycomedicinal supplements, ready to grow mushroom kits, mushroom spawn, plug spawn, sterilized spawn media, and much more. All that and a comprehensive mushroom lab supply.

Bob's Red Mill: Millers, manufacturers, and purveyors of whole grain natural foods. This site carries many of the popular mushroom substrate materials such as brown rice flour, rye berries, and other cereal related goods.

Fungi Perfecti: Paul Stamets' Company homepage. From the author of "The Mushroom Cultivator" comes the most comprehensive supply of cultivation goodies. Here you can also find agar supplies as well as rye grain, petries, large spawn jars, and cultures for the edible variety. Worth checking out if you are serious about cultivating mushrooms. One word of caution, don't mention psilocybes when communicating with this company.

Kitchen Krafts:
A fairly inexpensive online source of canning related materials. This site carries most of the popular jars in sizes from 4 oz. to 1/2 gallon as well as the hard to find plastic storage lids for wide mouth jars. They also have fairly good deals on All-American Pressure Canners.

Mushroompeople: Mushroompeople is North America's oldest mail order supply firm for specialty mushroom growers. Site includes spawn for Shiitake, Maitake, King Stropharia, Oysters, Hericium, Morels and Reishi mushrooms. Supplies for cultivation and links to instructional videos and more than 300 book titles. Support the Mushroompeople of The Farm.

Myco Supply:
Mycological supply site offering equipment and tools of all kinds geared towards the needs of both the amateur and professional mycologist. Most products are received directly from the manufacturer, passing along savings to the customers. Highly recommended equipment supplier.

Growing Mushrooms w/Hydrogen Peroxide: A new concept in small-scale mushroom cultivation, developed by R.R. Wayne, Ph.D., and detailed in a manual in two volumes available from the author.

The Ones That Stain Blue:
Wonderful Web site that includes articles about the worlds leading mycologists. There are also several well done profiles on some of the world's most popular psilocybe mushrooms. Also has a limited number of Psilocybe cubensis spore prints.

Tree of Life Medicinal Mushrooms: Site offering a wide variety of medicinal mushrooms and related supplies. Health issues and usage suggestions are also available.

Raising Triops:
Also called tadpole shrimp, you can buy dried cysts and just add water. Kind of like sea monkeys but bigger and cooler looking.


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